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GSSP Certification

The Business Unit in Ierapetra, Crete is one of approximately fifty seedling production companies in the world to have received certification under GSPP (Good Seed & Plant Practices).

As a result of this certification, AGRIS is able to  produce and deliver to growers plants  that are free of pathogens that threaten their production and, by extension, their income.

The GSPP (Good Seed and Plant Practices) standards is a hygiene and prevention system that focuses on Bacterial canker (Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis) in tomato plants.

Bacterial canker is a quarantine organism in the EU and in many countries. It cannot be treated with plant protection preparations and can directly lead to the complete destruction of a crop, with ruinous financial results. It can easily affect young plants and spread rapidly. Prevention and proper management are the only effective strategies for addressing the problem.

This is the main objective of the GSPP standard: to prevent the occurrence and spread of bacterial canker and to optimise its management throughout the production process. This is achieved through:

  •  industrial production protocols
  • advanced quality systems 
  •  continuous improvement and upgrading of infrastructure, operations & processes
  • steady production of high-quality products
  •  continuous staff training
  • regular periodic checks by independent authorities
  •   accreditation inspections by international organisations

The benefits of implementing the GSPP standard are not limited to tomato plants and bacterial canker. Daily implementation of perfected hygiene standards leads to effective prevention and management of dozens of pathogens and pests.

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