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Northern Greece Operational Unit - Kleidi, Imathia

AGRIS' headquarters are located in Klidi, Imathia, on privately-owned premises covering a total surface area of 10 hectares, which include a 1,000m2 warehouse and 500m2 of offices.

The 3-hectare nursery and 0.2-hectare Trial Station constitute the basic production facility with a capacity of 80,000,000 seedlings per year.  These same facilities house the required spaces for the Research & Development of propagating material.

In particular, the facility includes:

a 200m2 seed pre-germination chamber
a sowing section with automatic seed drills
ten state-of-the-art healing chambers for grafted seedlings, covering a total expanse of 0.3 hectares, which are the only such chambers in Greece that offer automatic climate conditioning and the opportunity to experiment with light frequencies as well as moisture and temperature conditions.


It should be noted that substantial funds have been invested in recent years in the modernisation of production for the development of systems for biomass heating, irrigation, plant thinning, lighting and healing of grafted seedlings.

The facility applies very high quality specifications, cultivation conditions are fully controlled and the mechanism for the monitoring and control of production follows strict operation protocols which are certified to ISO 9001 & 22000.

Operational Unit of Crete - Ierapetra

AGRIS' second production facility is in Ierapetra, Crete. It was built in 2010 on 2 hectares of privately-owned land, which includes a 500m2 warehouse and 300m2 of office space.

Crete is one of the most important horticultural regions in Greece as it supplies all large European markets with vegetables.  Thus, AGRIS' presence in this region is of strategic importance.
The nursery and Trial Station, covering 1 hectare and 0.2 hectares respectively, form the production facility, which has a capacity of 20,000,000 seedlings per year and operates in accordance with the standards of the GSSP international certification.


The facility includes:

a 200m2 seed germination chamber
a sowing section with automatic seed drills
A greenhouse for the production of seedlings covering an area of 1 hectare

Dominant player in the Horticulture industry of Southeast Europe

Having foreseen the need for overall management of the Horticulture sector in Southeast Europe early on, and in light of the accession of the neighbouring countries to the European Union, in 2008 we founded the first AGRIS subsidiary in Bulgaria, which was followed by the founding of the second subsidiary in Romania in 2011.

Following the founding of the subsidiaries, we are in a position to offer developing Horticultural markets in Southeast Europe know-how to a degree that has never existed before. Through singular products and services that cover the special needs of primary local demand, AGRIS has become a valuable associate to those who see that specialisation brings results and high yields on every level.

In Bulgaria and Romania, we aspire to establish - and we have achieved this to a large degree - two structures that are independent from the parent company and will operate, enriching the know-how of AGRIS and offering this know-how to those who need it. Consequently, 90% of the staff of the two companies is made up of specialised Agronomists.

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