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The Path to Development & Progress

Shortly before the start of the new millennium, a time when AGRIS was at its dynamic peak, the company took advantage of the successes of the previous years  and made a strong entry into the seedlings production market, a market in which there are still very few Greek companies, making its development model even more competitive.

In 2001, the Management's insightful, bold and innovative spirit led to its decision to limit its activities to the area of Fields Crop and Floriculture, and to focus on the production of Horticulture propagating material and research, establishing AGRIPLANT in Klidi Imathia. It was a move of business independence and calculated risk, sealed through the merger of the two companies in 2010.

Two years earlier, in 2008, the company ventured its expansion to Balkan markets through the establishment of AGRIS Bulgaria, and continued in 2011 with the establishment of AGRIS Romania.

AGRIS' path was marked by milestone dates which changed things in the Greek Horticulture sector. By looking back at these milestones, one can see AGRIS' development through time.


Establishment in Thessalloniki


Exclusive distribution of HM-Clause in Greece


Exclusive distribution of PRO.SE.ME varieties, including wheat variety "Simeto", which becomes the leading variety in Greece


AGRIS is relocating to it's new facilites in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki. There, AGRIS establishes a state-of-art center with potential of processing 20000 tons of seeds annually


Establishment of AGRIPLANΤ, whose scope included the production of seedlings and creation of the first production facility in Kleidi, Imathia.


The company's collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki begins


Expansion to markets beyond Greek borders through the founding of AGRIS BULGARIA


The company's collaboration with the Technological Educational Institute of Crete in the field of research begins


Construction of a new seedlings production facility in Ierapetra, Crete
Creation of the first Trial Station in Klidi Imathia
The company took on its current legal form, following the merger of AGRIS-AGRIPLANT


Further expansion of business activities through the founding of AGRIS Romania
New Trial Station in Trifylia, Messenia

Received ISO 9001 & 22000 certifications for its production facilities and products in Kleidi, Imathia, and Ierapetra, Crete
The start of the company's collaboration with the Technological Educational Institute of the Peloponnese in the field of research


New Trial Station in Trifylia, Messenia


AGRIS becomes the main partner of S.I.S.-PRO.SE.ME for Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. Thus, AGRIS improves it's product portfolio on wheat and other crops. 


Expansion to the market of Albania through the Founding of Αgris Albania.  Distribution of HM-Clause in Albania