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Our vision and values

Our vision at AGRIS is to constantly upgrade the quality of the work and experience we offer, by promoting Horticulture through balanced development, constant research, our investment policy and the expansion of our network of collaborators within and beyond the country.

Our values reflect this vision and define our consistent dedication to our corporate mission.


A strategic requirement in order to thrive is to satisfy current needs, without however undermining the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs.


We are cultivating a culture of synergy inside and outside our walls, which aims at creating fruitful alliances with every link in the Horticulture chain, from the seed to the plate.

Holistic approach

Nature, fruit, food, people and business all constitute an integral whole, which is why we offer vertically integrated and customised Horticulture services to all.


Productive and suitable products with a global impact, satisfied producers, competitiveness, trust without borders: we think globally; we study and act locally. We participate in the new universal vision for balanced development and nutrition with quality characteristics.

Our mission at AGRIS is to:

Represent value and support our associates by offering the highest yield propagating material and services;
Produce seedlings that are suitable, durable, reliable and able to yield healthy and exceptional crops;
Ensure that the company is financially robust and healthy through investments and solid strategies;
Respect nature, which is the source of all this wealth, by reducing our environmental footprint;
Increase crop yields in the long run, by ensuring biodiversity and the health of the earth;

Provide every producer or agricultural cooperative with responsible and land-specific agricultural guidance;
Assist Horticulture to thrive by increasing possibilities and linking those involved in it to each other;
Use the conclusions of our research activities to innovate;
Support the domestic economy.