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The AGRIS Horticulture Chain includes solutions that serve the distinct needs of every grower comprehensively, effectively and individually, and is the result of systematic work and collaboration between our Agronomists and you.

  • We examine all parameters that affect your work: agricultural, bioclimatic, technical and financial parameters, and we suggest the suitable solution for your crops.
  • Through the research we conduct and our know-how, we are in a position to know the product characteristics that meet demand, as well as the impact a potential change in crop may have on a place and on the income of producers.
  • Using this valuable knowledge as our starting point, we search for, find and develop the suitable hybrid for each crop.
  • We monitor agricultural production and support growers by providing advice and connecting them to distributors and the food industry through the Contract Farming programme.
  • We control and certify the quality of production.

Our goal is to cultivate a mentality of quality and lifelong learning so that producers can always meet the needs of their crops and businesspeople can know where and from whom they can find the best vegetables, because proper cultivation on the field determines success on the shelf, health on our plates and balance in the environment.

With this in mind, we offer growers consulting services on proper cultivation practices that must be applied at the various production stages, such as:

  • the planning and establishment of vegetable crops
  • inclusion in specific vegetable crop protocols
  • climatic conditions and the selection of suitable hybrids or seedlings

  • cultivation tactics
  • planting methods and management of seasonality
  • τη θερμοκηπιακή καλλιέργεια σε χώμα ή σε υδροπονικό υπόστρωμα
  • greenhouse cultivation in soil or in a hydroponic substrate

  • the equipment

  • crop care and safety

  • environmental protection measures

  • harvesting-maintenance of crops

  • technical and economic analysis of crops

  • contract farming

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