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In 1987 AGRIS and HM CLAUSE came to an agreement for the exclusive distribution of genetic material in the Greek market. Since then, with hard work and continuous research we have achieved to provide the Greek market with the highest quality and most efficient hybrids.

21 years later, in 2008, the two companies decided to expand their partnership in the Bulgarian Market, where with the same devotion and innovative spirit conquered the leading position.

A few years later, in 2011, AGRIS and HM CLAUSE opened a new chapter, in Romania and sealed their partnership in now 3 Countries in the Balkan peninsula.

   Last week, a special event was held by HM CLAUSE in Valence, France, for the celebration of the 30-year partnership, with the participation of all the people of AGRIS and HM CLAUSE who have worked together in various projects through the years. The event included a visit to HM CLAUSE facilities, laboratories and productive areas.

   We would like to thank our dear partners of HM CLAUSE for 30 years of excellent collaboration. Our wish is to celebrate many more years of productive and successful partnership.