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In order to solve the problem of the decrease in the quality and quantity of production caused by the intensive exploitation of fields, and also by plant diseases resulting from soil fungi, we recommend AGRIS grafted seedlings as the most reliable means to ensure good and steady production. The basic idea of grafting has been applied in agriculture for centuries now.

Having a root-centred perception of plant growth, we at AGRIS create stronger root systems and more efficient above-ground stems, because the technique applied to each species has been examined in vitro, tested on the field and has been established following controls and measurements of resistance and performance.

Healing takes place in an environment where conditions are completely controlled and undisturbed, with high humidity and a different spectrum of LED lighting per species, in the new model seedling healing chambers. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art production monitoring and control systems guarantee quality and timely delivery.

So, growers can enjoy:

  • suitable seedlings that are capable of resisting adverse weather conditions and soil diseases
  • uniformity of fruit and steady quality 
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