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The AGRIS Contract Farming Programme supports - in an organised manner - collaboration between producers and undertakings that process, sell and trade vegetables. Our goal is to forge new paths in the Horticulture sector and in the development of the agricultural economy.

We play a coordinating and advisory role. Through participation in the AGRIS Contract Farming Programme, both producers and businesspeople stand to gain significant advantages:

Advantages for enterprises:

  • A product with specific quality and specifications, adapted to the commercial needs of the enterprise

  • Quality vegetables

  • Complete control over the movement of vegetables

  • Guaranteed reliability of suppliers

Advantages for producers:

  • Productive hybrids that guarantee higher yields

  • Ability to cultivate new hybrids adapted to the conditions of your land

  • Consulting services

  • Assured supply and price

  • Access to new markets with new possibilities and business opportunities. 

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